Lancashire RC Hilly Time Trial 6th May 2014

The Lancashire RC Hilly Time Trial is a once a year event open to all clubs and non members. The route leaves from Horwich up Chorley Old Road, along Scout Road to Belmont, over Sheephouse Lane and down to Rivington ending outside Rivington and Balckrod School. It is 12 miles long with 1,300 feet of climbing on a tough little circuit. The evening was chilly, breezy and showery with a field of 23 riders facing the timekeeper. Team Chronomaster took first second and third and another top ten spot, with Craig winning the event, now having won it 18 times

  • Craig Batterby 27:03
  • Billy Sewart 28:47
  • Ben Aldred 28:51
  • John Myburgh 30:32

Compete results:

Top 10:
The fastest of the evening:
1st Craig Battersby Team Chronomaster 27min 03secs
2nd Billy Sewart Team Chronomaster 28min 47secs
3rd Ben Aldred Team Chronomaster 28min 51secs
4th Matthew Doheny LRC 30min 08secs. 2014 LRC Club Champion
5th Sam Holden LRC 30min 15secs
6th Chris Bodenham Horwich CC 30min 18secs
7th Steve Horrocks LRC 30min 44secs
8th John Myburgh Team Chronomaster 30min 58secs
9th Ian McKinley LRC 31min 58secs
10th Ben Huddart LRC 32min 29secs

LRC Club Championship:
Matthew Doheny 30min 08secs. 2014 LRC Club Champion
Sam Holden 30min 15secs
Steve Horrocks 30min 44secs
Tony Lowe 31min 07secs
Ben Dobson 31min 08secs
Ian McKinley 31min 58secs
Ben Huddart 32min 29secs
Neil Wood 33min 39secs
Chris Barrett 34min 48secs
Lyndon Wright 34min 52secs
Paul Cass 34min 57secs
Martin McGrillen 36min 02secs
Caroline Leighton 36min 55secs
Dave Price DNF Mechanical problems

Gary Morris Horwich CC 32min 58secs Rachel King 34min 23secs Will Aspinall “Come and Try it” 35min 13secs A----Craig Battersby

Craig climbing up Sheephouse Lane on his way to his 18th win of this race

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