Specialized S-Works Body Geometry Road Shoes

We have recently been fortunate enough to have acquired Specialized S-Works road shoes with Body Geometry technology. All members of the team have got these shoes that will be ridden on our new Specialized Tarmac racing bikes. The precise fitting of equipment from bikes, to saddles, gloves and shoes is becoming more and more of an exact science, and there are thousands hours in research to get fittings exactly correct in order to maximise efficiency and prevent wasted energy by the way of incorrect fitting equipment.

Specialized are at the forefront of this research, and amongst bikes, components, and other equipment, this research goes into the development and the fitting of their shoes. Gone are the days of “one size fits all” as the shoes, as like many other pieces of equipment from Specialized, the shoes are highly customisable. Body Geometry is the most comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider in perfect harmony.

The shoes to begin with are Specialized S-Works Body Geometry shoes. They not only look stylish but are indeed function over form. The shoes are so designed as to optimise hip, knee and foot alignment to improve performance as well as comfort. They are also ultra light weight and have a very stiff carbon sole.  They are also highly aerodynamic, well ventilated and have two independent snap dials for micro adjustment on the fly.

specialized shoe 1

The customisable part of it comes in when the shoes were being fitted with Body Geometry footbeds. This was done in our favourite bike shop, LeisureLakes Bikes in Bury, where they hosted a VIP evening for their customers. The Specialized expert, Stefan measured our feet in what at first looked like an ordinary foot measuring guide, but it’s specifically designed Specialized Body Geometry Arch-O-Meter. This has a thermal plate on it which indicated areas of low and high pressure to give an accurate indication of three dimensional shape of the sole of you foot, more notably the height of the foot arch. He was then able to give a specific fitting foot bed to insert into the shoe to get the perfect fit for your foot type.

Before standing on the plate myself, I knew that I had got collapsed foot arches as a result of over 15 years of circuit training on a wooden gym floor from my rugby playing days. The foot board picked up the exact areas of weakness in my feet and a correct footbed with high arches to support my feet was prescribed.

specialized foot arch

In all the Specialized Body Geometry system is the perfect system for exact three dimensional foot measurement to get the correct fitting shoe, so I can be assured of maximum performance and output without wasting an ounce of energy in poorly fitting shoes. Well done to Specialized for engineering the perfect shoe, which can be used for racing, training or heading out for epic rides delivering all of your power without sacrificing comfort.  It’s also no coincidence that more than 150 Pro Tour professionals choose to ride Specialized shoes with Body Geometry technology.

If you are looking for new road shoes or even a second pair to increase your performance and comfort, look no further

specialized shoe 2

Many thanks as well to Stefan from Specialized who was such a great help and to LeisureLakes Bikes in Bury for a great VIP evening. Lookout on the LeisureLakes.com website for VIP evenings in stores nationwide. You get great discounts on all products in store, there is food, drinks, prize draw with great prizes and fun and games such as racing on turbo trainers. For more information click here for Specialized Body Geometry 

specialized shoe 3

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