New Season and New Kit

Team rider John Myburgh’s views on the Specialized Body Geometry Romin Pro.

Every new racing season brings it own challenges and excitements. One of the latter is trying out new products, launched to give you that extra bit of performance or shall I say, allowing you to extract a little bit more from yourself.

This year our team started a partnership with Leisure Lakes Bikes which includes the support of Specialized UK. I have to admit, ever since I saw the Tarmac SL3 and Venge I wanted a Specialized. The fact that two of my team mates were already riding them just made me want them more!

Romin ProAs part of the deal we get the privilege of testing a variety of Specialized products and then providing feedback on it. We recently did a saddle fitting at Leisure Lakes Bikes during a VIP evening with the result being that I had a new saddle to try, a Romin Pro.

As with most cyclists I was a bit hesitant. I had a fitting and was recommended a Fizik Antares VS, although it was a bit hard it worked for me and I liked it.  I also found the standard saddle, Toupé Expert Gel, quite comfortable so why change?

But, duty calls and I changed to the Romin Pro and did my first ride.

Initially it felt a bit uncomfortable but as the ride progressed it started to feel better. The second ride, a trip through the hills to Hebden Bridge, proved the saddle though. I had made a small change to my position on the bike and that seem to have done the trick.

I felt very comfortable in the saddle and for the first time I noticed that I was sitting on my sit bones without moving around in the saddle. I did not even have this with the Fizik! No numbness in the crouch region either which is a big plus as I had this occasionally with my Fizik. It’s light as well, weighing in at a cool 167g.

Specialized claims that their Body Geometry saddles are “ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to reduce soft tissue pressure while providing the perfect fit“.

Yes there are lighter saddles out there but if you are planning on spending some time in the saddle and want to be comfortable and efficient I would definitely recommend that you look at the Specialized Body Geometry saddle range.

Still a lot of miles to cover on the Romin Pro but my first impressions are really good.

Specialized products are sold through Leisure Lakes Bikes in Bury so if you, like me, are interested in Specilized products give them a call or go over and have a chat.

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