Team Chronomaster Acquire Jenson Button’s Specialized S-Works Time Trial Bike

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By Neil Wood.

Whilst Team Chronomaster is primarily a road racing team, we are looking at
opportunities for expansion into other cycling disciplines for the years ahead. One of those disciplines where we are looking to grow is time trial racing. For the uninitiated, a time trial is a race against the clock where riders are set of in one minute intervals, and aim to secure the fastest time. They can be very challenging as you don’t have anybody to pace and there is no peleton to draft in order to save energy. The French call a time trial “The Race of Truth” as there are no hiding places, it’s simply the rider versus the timekeeper’s clock. Whilst it may not be everybody’s favourite discipline, there are many who love time trialling, myself included. It’s a form of cycling that always attracts the world’s biggest names such as Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome. In fact the good majority of Grand Tour winners are often highly successful time trailers.

With our current co-sponsorship arrangements with Leisure Lakes Bikes and with Specialized Bicycles, we have garnered good relationships with these companies. So I decided to take the first step in forming the time trial team by putting my old time trial bike up for sale on eBay as it was not a Specialized bike. Whilst the auction was running, I contacted our man at Specialized and asked if there were any previous year models that were un-sold in any of their dealers. With Specialized being the amongst the most popular bike brands in the UK, the answer was no, everything was sold out, but there may be something that could be done.

Jenson Button 2Two days later, I got a phone call from our man at Specialized. He told me that he had a bike for me, which was a 2011 model and was previously owned by one of their brand ambassadors. He told me to check my email as there were a couple of pictures of the bike. Whilst on the phone to him, I looked at the pictures and there was the bike with Formula 1 legend, Spesh 2bJenson Button. He had previously owned the bike for two years where he raced it in time trial races in the Channel Islands, competed in triathlons and the Philippines Iron Man race. I had no hesitation in snapping the bike up, as it was a serious case of love at first sight.

Spesh 3I took delivery of the bike a few weeks ago. The bike is a Specialized Shiv TT S-Works model with SRAM group set full carbon frame, and S-Works cranks and chain ring. I made some modifications such as replacing the saddle with a more comfortable Specialized Body Geometry Sitero. I also put my old wheels on the bike which are Mavic CXR 60 deep section carbon rims. At some point this year I will probably upgrade to Roval wheels to get the full Specialized specification. Also the time trial extension bars are “S” bend type bars, I have ordered the 40 degree ski bend bars as these are more comfortable for my cycling position. I have left some stickers on the bike that Jenson Button had put on as these remain as part of the bike’s character and history.

Spesh 1bFor the remainder of the season, and future seasons, I will be representing Team Chronomaster in time trials using this bike. I will be donning my perfectly fitting V02 skin suit, fuel up on OTE nutrition and begin the process of hunting down PB’s. It’s a great addition to the stable to compliment the Specialized team racing bikes and any member of the team wishing to use the bike in time trial races are also able to use it. For future seasons, we will be looking to recruit more team members to establish a fully fledged time trial team as a perfect accompaniment to the road racing team.

specialized letterJenson Button 1

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