Meet the Riders – Gareth Balshaw

Next up for the 2016 new riders is Gareth Balshaw. Gareth is another rider who got to know Team Chronomaster through the BLGC Trans-Alp Challenge, which he took part in along with his father, Graham. He very quickly demonstrated just how fit he was when he started training for the challenge, and in no time was training with the rest of the team on our weekly winter training rides.

Gareth is a very versatile rider, and possesses bags of strength and stamina. His commitment to self-improvement was apparent through harsh winter rides, and he soon made the jump to racing.

Gareth has had some excellent results in his short time as a racing cyclist, progressing to 3rd cat was ease, and so we were delighted to bring him on-board for 2016! We’re looking forward to seeing Gareth progress even further this year…

If you want to know more about Gareth, click the picture below.


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