West Pennine Road Race, 08 May 2016

By Si Deplitch

I was the only Team Chronomaster member in attendance, due to most of the team attending the North Wales 2 day event.  In a race like this and on a day like today I could have done with some friendly wheels to follow but… needs must!

It was a glorious day! The sun was out early morning and even at 09:30 in the morning we were already deep into the teens. After the neutralised roll-out the attacks from came from the off. With a full field of 60 riders enjoying the glorious conditions for 90km around the Bashall Eves course just outside Clitheroe, I resigned myself to a hard couple of hours in the saddle.

West Pennine Road RaceAll of the early breaks were chased down until the fourth lap (of fourteen) when a group of four riders  managed to get a gap on the bunch. I got involved in a poorly supported effort to chase it down but it was not to be. Soon after, while still recovering from the change another attack went however I was unable to follow as I was still recovering from ‘burning a few matches’.

With 2 breaks up the road work and a lack of combined effort from the group that’s how it ended.  All the points were taken by the breaks. On the bright side my legs felt good at the end and my form is coming for peak season. 

The race was won by  a very impressive Chris Sherriffs (Pendle Forrest CC). Well done young man! Coming back from a bout of glandular fever Chris is as strong as an ox!!

Chris Sherriffs - West Pennine Road Race Winner 2016Big thanks to the organiser Peter Hey (West Pennine RC) for the great race and awesome weather! And also Ellen Isherwood for the awesome photos!

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