Dave Hitchen 2-day, Stages 1 & 2

By Karl Owen

This weekend 5 Team Chronomaster members, amazingly none of them name John, lined up for the Dave Hitchen 2 day in the scenic surrounds of Pimbo industrial estate. I’d rolled out from my Mum’s just down the road in Southport and had things off to an auspicious start by heading to the wrong HQ, Glenburn Sports College, (think Grange Hill in some kind of apocalyptic future hell) thankfully I managed to get to the correct HQ, Rainford Scout Hut, just in the nick of time. Chatting with fellow team mate Adam Baines we had a chuckle at some of the artwork on the walls “I LOVE BEAVERS” being a favourite. Little did Adam and I know the laughter would soon be directed elsewhere.

After A few warm-up laps to take in the smell of crisp flavourings (nice n spicy) and HGV fumes we assembled at the side of the circuit to discuss TTT tactics:

  • No Surging
  • No Attacking
  • Negative Split
  • Off to your right
  • Call if you are gonna get dropped

Figuring we had the basics down we lined up at the start,

3,2,1 GO GO GO!

I fail to clip in once, then get in, rolling past Gareth and Adam who are still struggling to clip in…

Gareth fails to clip in, once, twice, three times, Gets in, chases on…

Adam fails to clip in once, twice, three times, four times, five times, six times….

30 minutes pass…

Adam gets clipped in.

By this point Me, Craig and Kris are at the top corner and Gareth has just caught us after numerous calls of STEADY from myself. The unfortunate decision to leave Adam is taken and we finally start in earnest. To paraphrase a previous report;


We manage a respectable time of 9.05 to take equal 7th, 27 seconds down on the winners, ruing what could have been with 5 and a better start. We quickly headed off to a cafe, minus Adam who rolls round practicing getting clipped in.

After Cake (Blueberry Loaf) and Coffee (I got a right look when I asked for a flat white, cappuccino was nice though) at Pimbo Garden centre the heavens decide to open. The ride back results in us all being soaked through to the bone.

Thankfully as we line up to for the start the organisers seem to decide that making everyone wait on the line for as long as possible in the pissing rain will result in an even playing field, every man being as wet as each other.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve struck most of the race from my mind as it was bloody grim. So some key points;

A wet Adam gets clipped in

5 wet lads got away.


A wet Craig and a wet Gareth tried to bridge, with Tony Greenhalgh (also wet) and get a wet gap


1 wet lad (Matt Holmes) decided he didn’t like that, and pulled it back stringing the entire wet field out behind him

The same wet Mr Holmes then seemed to sit on the front for around 15 laps (Changing the wet lap board to reduce the race my have affected my wet perception of this)


5 wet lads stayed away


65 other wet lads had a wet gallop

In between Ellen took this amazing wet photo.


Did I mention it was wet?

Link to Stage 2 results below:


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