Introducing the riders – Warren Gell

Warren’s well known in North West testing circles, he’s been chasing HGV’s for a few years now and clocked some rapid times, unusual for the single minded dual carriageway loving fraternity he’s not been afraid of going up against roadies in hilly tests and on the odd occasion has shown some good riders how to climb fast.

Also for a few years some of the Team Chronomaster lads have been trying to show him the error of his ways and open his mind to real racing, as we think he’d be quite good at it!


Name: Warren Gell (AKA “Wozzer”, “Gelly”)

Height: 175cm

Weight: 66kg

Riding Style: Punchy Tester

Whats your story: I was involved in professional sport from a young age, having played football at County, then England Schoolboy level, from the age of 8 progressing to a professional contract at the age of 16 playing for well 3 very well known teams, until injury forced and early retirement at the age of 21.

Having been involved in elite sport from a young age, losing football was difficult to replace. Being a competitive character, I needed a replacement for football and tried golf and badminton initially, but they weren’t replacing the feeling that football gave me.

As a result of my involvement with the North West Air Ambulance, I became involved in cycling, to raise money for the charity, very quickly falling in love with the sport.

Whilst riding my bike for leisure was enjoyable, my competitiveness needed a focus and I started to compete in Triathlon, Ironman and Time Trials in 2011. This format of cycling competition allowed me to train and focus on a specific objective and compete against myself as well as others. Furthermore, my passion for cycling has become obvious to others and as a result, I have encouraged, mentored friends and colleagues to become involved in cycling for leisure and more recently competing in races.

First Bike: A Yellow Raleigh Striker

Trademark Traits: Methodical, Strategic, Focussed, Moody, Hates Losing

Cycling Hero:

Past: Tom Simpson

Questionable Character but inspiring: Lance Armstrong

Present: Ian Stannard

Non Cycling Addictions: Espresso, Cars, Cufflinks & Useless Facts

Avoid like plague: Mcdonalds, Chocolate, Butter & Cheats

Party Piece: Over 1,000 keepy uppies & halfway line cross bar challenge

Power Track: Adagio for strings – Tiesto

Karaoke Track: Roll with It – Oasis

Pre Race Habit: Espresso, Ipod, Wheel Selection, Wind up the competition, Stand on start line with arms folded with a stern face

Best ever achievement on the bike: 980 miles in 9 days riding from Munich to Blackpool

32 mph average speed for 10 miles

Favourite Bike Race: Tour De France Team Time Trial Stage

Perfect Three Course Meal: Italian Antipasto, Spaghetti Diavola, Cheese & Celery with oat cakes (non of your jacobs cracker nonsense)

Favourite Film: Goodfellas – The scene with Ray Liotta & Joe Pesci (Your a funny guy)

Just one more ride: Le Semnoz – Annecy (Unfinished business with that climb)

Best decision ever made: Joining the gym, racing the girl on the treadmill next to me, who became my wife 8 years later

One Piece of advice: Have a go, you never know what might happen

Twitter @warren gell

Instagram@ theoriginalgelly

youtube: The Original Gelly


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