Maxxis 4 Road Race Report

By George Whittaker.

Saturday was the Maxxis 4 Racing teams first road race of the season, and also my first road race in team colours. 80km around the Pimbo circuit in Skelmersdale, not the most exciting but the weather made up for it.

The race was eventful from the off with a crash around 3 laps in. Luckily I was off to one side of it but a few riders got tied up. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the first time I hear carbon hitting the floor.

The crash spread everyone out all over the road making it hard to see who was in front or just a lap down for the rest of the race. 2 laps after the crash the winning break was formed. I missed the break thinking its so early in the race it’ll be pulled back. The 8 guys in the break all worked together and Chris Quinn went on to take the win.

The peloton didn’t want to work to chase the break down. There was about 5 of us willing to have the odd dig but nobody was getting organised. I went for a couple of solo attacks but these were all closed down.

With about 20km to go and the breakaway definitely out of reach I decided to sit back up in the bunch and wait for the sprint at the end just incase anything happened to the break.

Just before the final turn to the finishing straight I heard another rider go down at the back of the peloton. Everyone was getting twitchy, probably forgetting that there was a strong breakaway up the road!


I came in 15th in the end. No result but at least it was sunny!

Fortunately, no one seemed badly hurt from either of the crashes.

Huge thanks to Maxxis 4 racing team for organising the race, and thank you as always to Ellen Isherwood for the amazing photo’s she takes of us. Race 2 is at Clieves hill on the 28th of May, hopefully I wont miss the break this time…


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