Drummond Trophy – 16th April

By Jon Fowles

Unfortunately  I don’t think anyone was daft enough to stand around and take pictures…

What happens when a soft Essex lad goes to Scotland for a bike race…. he get’s wet and miserable. On Sunday Tommy and I made the long journey to Scotland to compete in the Drummond Trophy Road Race, part of the Scottish Cycling ‘Alba’ Series. Having been in Mallorca training with the team a week earlier, and taking a relatively easy week leading up to the race, I was hoping to have some decent legs. Unfortunately pedalling around in the sunshine isn’t good preparation for taking a hammering in temperatures of 4C and pissing rain. Needless to say, waiting in the Strathaven Sainsburys carpark to start the race, shivering, I wasn’t very happy. Fortunately Tommy is a proper Northern hard man, and the cold clearly doesn’t affect his ungloved hands.

I spent the first lap of the race trying to warm up, whilst also getting increasingly wet from all the road spray. Tommy didn’t mess about, and got straight to the front of the race and put in some good attacks, unfortunately these were soon brought back, so clearly someone in the pack had some warm legs and determination.

Early on the second lap, after warming up a bit, I put in an attack. When I was brought back, Tommy attacked again and sailed up the road. I thought this would be sufficient to get away, but once again he was reeled back. Around the same time a large group of riders, containing many of the favourites, managed to break off the front and establish a good lead. It was clear that the cold and wet conditions were taking their toll on the rest of the riders, with the peloton diminishing in size and most reluctant to put in any effort to bring back the break. A few of the stronger riders from Team BIKE Channel-Canyon went to the front to work and try bring the break back, and I gave as much help as I could. However, the effort we were putting in was being matched up front by the strong break, and we weren’t even making a dent in the time gap.

Three laps into the race, I had lost all motivation and all feeling in my fingers. To make matters worse, Tommy had been DQ’d from the race. I threw in the towel, and withdrew from the race after 4 laps. 2 hours in the miserable conditions were enough for me, and seemingly many others, with just over 20 finishers for the race. Steve Lampier of JLT Condor took the win, obviously the Cornish are proper hard men.

Full result: https://www.velouk.net/2017/04/17/result-the-drummond-trophy/
Many thanks to The Glenmarnock Wheelers for organising the race, shame you could organise some nicer weather.


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