The Racing Chance Foundation Pimbo 3/4

Sunday was the Racing Chance Foundation Pimbo road race. The full day event featured an E/1/2/3 race in the morning, the Womens 3/4 after this and then my event, the 3/4.

Before the race I looked through the start sheet to try and guess how the race might play out. There was no obvious large team so it was going to hard to choose which attacks to go with.

I turned up and decided to watch from the front of the bunch and mark any attacks I thought looked strong enough. Due to no large teams being there everyone was racing against each other and no attacks got away for more than half a lap. The field was strong and it seemed no one had turned up “just to get round”. After numerous surges to no avail, I decided to move back in the bunch and save my legs for a sprint, after seeing a group of three strong guys get away and again be pulled back in very quickly I knew I made the right decision.


Ending up on the front, not the plan! Wasn’t there long.

The race was pretty uneventful from about 5 laps in. Someone would attack, the peloton would surge, string out, catch break, all back together, repeat etc.


On the last lap I could see a few riders were in agreements with each other and a select few got on the front to drill it to the finish line. The sprint on Pimbo is a funny thing, as soon as you turn the last corner you can see the line from about 600m away. I was hoping lots of people would get a bit eager here and start sprinting from too far out, I could hide in the bunch and hope everyone had faded before the line. I did my best to choose the right wheels and gritted my teeth but made sure not the snap until the right moment. 200m(ish) from the line I got out the saddle and went against everything my legs were saying. I was about 12th wheel and managed to make it up to (a very close!) 3rd by the time I crossed the line. Happy with that! Now only 15 points off a Cat 2 license!


Well done Daniel Stevens!

Well done to Daniel Stevens from Liverpool Century RC on the win! I believe he also got both primes so a strong ride there.

Thanks to the Racing Chance Foundation for putting on a great days racing. Also, a big thank you to Ellen Isherwood for the pictures (and looking after my bag!).

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