Town Green Masters Race 2 – Report

By Simon Deplitch.

If we had a game of Top-Trumps with world tour rider cards and you had Marcel Kittel and I had Mark Cavendish, who would win…. well the answer is it depends. All road races are different, many variables determine the outcome; the parcours, rider form, equipment / mechanicals, crashes, number of teammates etc. These factors also provide a ready list of excuses when you don’t do as well as you hoped.


So let’s start at the end, in my race yesterday (the super-codger) 50+ Town Green Masters Road Race I came 2nd i.e. not as well as I hoped. I could refer you to the determining factors above and provide excuses in some categories but I’m not going to do that. I was out-sprinted by (Marcel Kittle) Andy Bennett (Onimpex Bio Racer RT), who knows what he’s doing when it comes to sprinting – well done that man.

The preceding laps of the 6 lap / 80km (ish) event went something like this…. 3 laps for following John Agnew (Lune CC) ‘stringing out’ the bunch, followed by 1 lap of various attacks / attempted breakaways. I did a large share of the chasing but was marked on each occasion. Eventually John and Tony Lowe (Team ASL-Bolton) gained a gap.  Once I saw their lead starting to increase I made my move to bridge, being joined by 2 others, then 2 more, resulting in a lead brake of 7 taking the bell for the last lap. We worked well together to gain a reasonable gap on the bunch. On the finishing straight Karl Smith (Bott Cycle Team) opened up the sprint, I followed coming off Karl’s wheel looking for the line, just as Andy did the same to me getting the draft ‘slingshot effect’ to take the win….. timing is everything, until next time.


Top 10 as follows:

  1. Andy Bennett
  2. Simon Deplich
  3. Karl Smith
  4. Kevin Chadwick
  5. Steve Davies
  6. John Agnew
  7. Anthony Lowe
  8. Sean Smith
  9. Carl Finney
  10. Alan Forrester

Many thanks to the organisers for a fantastic event, and thanks to Ellen Isherwood for the photies!



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