About Our Team

Chronomaster Ltd. is owned and managed by Neil Wood.  We are a retailer primarily selling high quality new and pre owned wristwatches. We work from a unit in Wingates, but our business comes from across the UK, Europe, and the rest of the world.  The majority of business comes via the internet through our dedicated website, this is assisted by social media including Facebook and Twitter.

The racing team came about by way of a previous team that was disbanded. It was originally assembled by one of our cycling friends, and team captain Craig Battersby. The racing team also included other riders who are friends from the Lancashire Road Club and Weaver Valley.  Craig informed me that they were looking for a new lead sponsor, so I stepped into this role and we created Team Chronomaster. We also have also secured a co-sponsor in Leisure Lakes Bikes.

For the time being we are focusing on North West road racing, with a target of becoming the #1 NW team this year. Later in the year and certainly for next year we are looking at expanding the team to allow us to race in individual and team time trials in the Manchester and North regions.

The team sponsorship is also our contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility, where we are putting back into, and contributing to the local community. We are supporting a local amateur sports team. The development and growth of such teams promotes healthy activities and lifestyles and encourages more and more young people to become actively involved in a healthy, social and exhilarating pastime. This is in line with the government’s heavily promoted cycling initiative, and also complies with the green agenda.

We are all delighted with the formation of the new local racing team and feel that the previous success of the riders will help us to progress Team Chronomaster through the ranks. It is very true with the old adage that “success breeds success”.  So with the renewed team confidence as Team Chronomaster, and the cycle team battling it out with attacking, aggressive racing, we believe that this year is going to be a very productive year for all concerned.


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