John Myburgh

Name – John Myburgh

  • AKA – The Masochist
  • Riding Style – Just ride
  • Likes – Smooth tarmac, sun on my skin and a couple of mountain views
  • Pet hates – None
  • “When I’m not riding my bike, I…” – am trying to build an empire!
  • Favourite quote – I have two from a man I admire: “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.” and “ Stay hungry, stay foolish” – Steve Jobs

A-----John Myburgh

John started training after breaking his right leg when he was 15. Initially it was just running with the occasional bike ride but after some injuries John focused more on gym work and became a bit of a beefcake. In 2008, after watching the Olympic mountain biking John decide he wanted to compete and bought himself a mountain bike while living in Scotland. He met Craig on a cold winter morning (in shorts!) and stated he was training for the 2012 Olympics… being very diplomatic Craig and the lads kindly “showed John the way” but it did not put him off going out with the guys. John loves riding his bike and even though he had some injuries last season he is starting to get fit again and looking forward to racing with his new team.

When not on his bike John is working on a Formula 1 website… building his empire!