Paul Beech

  • Name – Paul Beech
  • AKA – Beechy (Stuck from School)
  • Riding Style – Not sure I have one!
  • Likes – Anything new and expensive related to cycling! And of course coffee and cake.
  • Pet hates – Bad manners, it costs nothing to be nice.
  • “When I’m not riding my bike, I’m…” Looking after my Daughter, working and doing jobs in the house
  • Favourite quote – “Life is what happens while you’re planning the future”

paul beech

Following a knee injury at squash Paul took up cycling to lose weight in 2010, and instantly loved it. Following continued improvement and ‘weight lose’ he entered a number of sportives to challenge himself and saw his times getting better and frequently finishing with some of the quickest times. In the search for new challenges Paul joined Lancashire Road Club and start racing in 2014 to which he managed to gain a number of top ten finishes in Criteriums and a Road Race to gain enough points to move up to category 3. Paul is looking forward to developing on that for next year with team Chronomaster.