Rider Bio – Adam Baines

 Name – Adam Baines

Height – 6′ 2″Clitheroe GP - Adam Baines

Weight – 78KG

Riding style – Tester

What’s your story? Why did you get into cycling?

I got too old for nightclubs! Before I got in to cycling I liked partying. I was drinking, smoking and eating lots of kebabs. And one day I thought enough is enough; I was seriously unhealthy and wasn’t enjoying the lifestyle anymore. I got in to running, then cycling then swimming and after a brief spell of triathlon and thought cycling was the most fun!

  • What was your first bike?
    • First bike I remember having was one my Grandad bought me when I was about 3 or 4. It was a fixie and he tried to teach me to ride on it! I took all the skin of my shins and Mum went mad at him!
  • What are your trademark traits that people know you by?
    • Definitely forgetting stuff…. and crashing!!
  • Who is your cycling hero, past / present?
    • I’m pretty new to cycling so have limited knowledge about the history but I’d have to say
      Past: Greg Le Mond. After watching documentaries and reading books/articles I believe he was an honest, true and clean talent.
      Present: Geraint Thomas for the same reasons as above.
  • Apart from cycling, any other passion or addiction that would be impossible to give up?
    • Chewy sweets and picking my nose!
  • What do you avoid like the plague?
    • Hangovers!
  • What’s your party piece?
    • The lower part of my left leg isn’t properly attached to the top part…
  • What’s your power track?
      • Arctic Monkeys – Don’t sit down (‘cos I’ve moved your chair)

  • What about your karaoke track?
      • The Eagles – Take It Easy

  • What’s your pre-race habit?
    • Get there early.
  • Best ever achievement on the bike?
    • Grade 4 dislocation of my collarbone
  • Favourite bike race?
    • Lazonby. After getting in a 2 man break with Si (Deplitch) and then having a mechanical on the last lap, I have unfinished business there!
  • Perfect three course meal?
    • Mother-in-Laws Sunday Roast (sorry Mum) followed by Mother-in-Laws Banoffee and finished with an espresso and Sambuca!
  • Favourite Film?
    • Dead Mans Shoes
  • If you could do just one more ride, what or where would it be?
    • Don’t know too many, but it would have to be a 20k+ climb and even longer descent
  • Best decision ever made?
    • Quitting smoking
  • What one piece of advice would you give to anyone thinking about bike racing?
    • If you’re already thinking about it, you’re half way there, so just get stuck in.

Twitter – @adam_baines