Rider Bio – Craig Battersby

 Name – Craig Battersby (AKA “Batto, Tommy”)

Height – 5′ 11″ 8

Weight – 61 KG

Riding style – Missionary

What’s your story? Why did you get into cycling?

I started because I was the fat kid in school always last to be picked at footy, I lost a load of weight and instead of finishing last at cross-country I started winning it, still picked last at footy though!

  • What was your first bike?
    • Raleigh Burner
  • What are your trademark traits that people know you by?
    • Being late.
  • Who is your cycling hero, past / present?
    • Past – Lance Armstrong, Sean Kelly
    • Present – Adam and Simon Yates
  • Apart from cycling, any other passion or addiction that would be impossible to give up?
    • Porridge and Nutella
  • What do you avoid like the plague?
    • Stress
  • What’s your party piece?
    • I’m not good at party’s, tend to do silly shit.
  • What’s your power track?
        • Eminem – Lose Yourself

  • What about your karaoke track?
      • The Offspring – Pretty Fly For A White Guy

  • What’s your pre-race habit?
    • Being late.
  • Best ever achievement on the bike?
    • 10 years as a 1st cat and then getting elite year after breaking my leg.
  • Favourite bike race?
    • Preston Arena, failing that always liked any race on the Horse and Jockey circuit at Delph.
  • Perfect three course meal?
    • anything involving chorizo or a good curry.
  • Favourite Film?
    • Don’t have one, watch a lot of films but never the same one twice.
  • If you could do just one more ride, what or where would it be?
    • DOLOMITES Flying down the Passo Pordoi without a helmet and no brakes.
  • Best decision ever made?
    • Asking Tricia to say yes.
  • What one piece of advice would you give to anyone thinking about bike racing?
    • Don’t give up.

Twitter – n/a

Instagram – @tommybat