Rider Bio – John Myburgh

 Name – John Myburgh (AKA “TomTom”)

Height – 1.80 m 28079965071_22b9f70ea6_o

Weight – 85kg

Riding style – I just ride

What’s your story? Why did you get into cycling?

I used to run and then I became a bit of a gym junkie or beefcake as I was called. In 2008 I saw the Olympic Mountain Biking in Beijing and thought “I can do that.. and win!”.
I started on a journey then, riding my mountain bike, racing my mountain bike and doing pretty well in 10 and 24hr races. Cross Country though was another story though. I was just too heavy to be competitive so in an attempt to lose weight I took up road cycling as well.
Eventually that was all I did, road cycling. I love the freedom and seeing the countryside flash past. I would love to say I can dish out pain on the odd training ride but it feels like I’m still on the receiving end. I still enjoy it and the coffee, cake and friends make it an awesome sport!

  • What was your first bike?
    • First mountain bike in the UK was a Trek, first road bike… also a Trek.
  • What are your trademark traits that people know you by?
    • If you ask Batty he will say I am stingy. I prefer to think that my traits are fun, laughter and witty & intelligent remarks…
    • (Editors edit) I am also well known for my excellent knowledge of local cycling routes, and shortcuts via motorways.
  • Who is your cycling hero, past / present?
    • I don’t really have heroes to be honest. I admire Lance Armstrong. Yes yes, whateve, he is still the man. They were all on it. No present ones I’m afraid. Maybe Froomey… he’s African so that makes him cool as long as he stays on his bike!
  • Apart from cycling, any other passion or addiction that would be impossible to give up?
    • Being cool! Nothing is impossible but I love F1 so maybe F1… I think.
  • What do you avoid like the plague?
    • Arseholes!
  • What’s your party piece?
    • N/A – I am too serious to party
  • What’s your power track?
    • Chicane – Poppiholla

  • What about your karaoke track?
    • Don’t sing – EVER!
  • What’s your pre-race habit?
    • Nerves, lots of it! And it makes me want to pee, the whole time!
  • Best ever achievement on the bike?
    • ‘Won’ a charity sportive by an hour from the nearest man (he was an Ironman Triathlete) … but the one I felt I really deserved was a 24hr MTB race where my team came 3rd. It was the hardest fought 3rd place ever. We were supposed to race as a team of 4, one guy blew early in the race and we had a bike written off but we still managed to get 3rd, it was AWESOME!
  • Favourite bike race?
    • Relentless24 followed closely by Strathpuffer
  • Perfect three course meal?
    • Dunno about starter but main has got to be steak and salad and desert can only be sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream
  • Favourite Film?
    • Lord of The Rings – all of them
  • If you could do just one more ride, what or where would it be?
    • I’d take a mountain bike and ride through Africa, and when I get to Cape Town I’ll do the Cape Epic. I’ll be content then.
  • Best decision ever made?
    • I have no idea, I make pretty good decisions so picking the best is pretty hard you know.
  • What one piece of advice would you give to anyone thinking about bike racing?
    • Just do it, it ain’t all smiles and laughter but it sure is worth every drop of sweat!

Twitter – @johnmyburgh

Instagram – @john_myburgh