Rider Bio – Karl Owen

 Name – Karl Owen  (AKA “Der Kaiser”)

Height – 195 CM (Euro)17780764911_30809d70f4_k

Weight – 77 KG (Sometimes)

Riding style – Rouleur, who can climb

What’s your story? Why did you get into cycling?

Circa 2010 I Purchased a bike to get from the station to work, one day decided to ride the, seemingly insane, 30km home and from there progressed to doing that daily with extra at the weekends, mainly in cut off jeans. Moved on to be a “sick fixie skidda” for a while, before moving over to the lycra clad darkside and starting to race in 2013.

  • What was your first bike?
    • First “real” bike rather than BSO’s or beaters, was a Pinarello Asolo, 64cm of steel beauty, still in my basement, needs a restoration.
  • What are your trademark traits that people know you by?
    • Tall, “Edgy”
  • Who is your cycling hero, past / present?
    • Past – Merckx
    • Almost Past – Wiggins
    • Present – J’adore Bardet et Pinot, actually shed a little tear when Bardet had to change bikes in the final TdF TT in 2014. Hope they can both go well in this years edition.
    • Future – Tiesj Benoot and Yves Lampaert came past us near Grau in Mallorca this year. On Tiesj’s 21st birthday. Expect big things in the next few years.
  • Apart from cycling, any other passion or addiction that would be impossible to give up?
    • Cycling takes up a lot of my time, but I’m a big house and techno fan, still cling to my past of partying
  • What do you avoid like the plague?
    • Tabloid newspapers
  • What’s your party piece?
    • Normally nearly knocking myself out on a doorway or similar, gets the laughs
  • What’s your power track?
      • Phuture – Acid Tracks

  • What about your karaoke track?
    • The only Karaoke I’ve ever done, was a Sid Vicous esque rendition of My Way, absolutely appalling
  • What’s your pre-race habit?
    • Riding 80km
  • Best ever achievement on the bike?
    • General Riding- Either the Dunwich Dynamo, there and back (~380km) or riding from Manchester to Glastonbury festival (~350km) both done fixed.
    • Racing- 7th @ The Ilkley 2 day in 2014, hoping to go better this year.
    • 17th at Old Hutton- Doesn’t sound like much, but it was my first E/1/2 event, with a very strong field.
  • Favourite bike race?
    • Paris- Roubaix
  • Perfect three course meal?
    • Antipasto, PIZZUH, Pistachio ice cream. Washed down with a nice IPA. Can I have some cheese after as well? And maybe a cheeky Port
  • Favourite Film?
    • One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest
  • If you could do just one more ride, what or where would it be?
    • As long as the sun’s out, and I’ve dropped Craig, it doesn’t matter
  • Best decision ever made?
    • Attacking!
  • What one piece of advice would you give to anyone thinking about bike racing?
    • Attack!

Twitter – @1986Karl

Instagram – @KARLOWEN1986